About Us

We are a family-owned business in Flint, MI that stands by its motto, “Michigan-Made.” Founded by CEO Bob Eastman in 1969, Beacon & Bridge has gone through major transformations to become one of the best convenience store chains in the great state of Michigan. Bob Eastman has taken his vision and spread it throughout the state of Michigan, reaching as far south as Holly and as far north as Frederic, with 24 locations. 

Our biggest growth took place in 2007 when Beacon & Bridge replaced 23 Quick-Sav and BP locations throughout Michigan. We have replaced BP with our top-of-the-line fuel products in order to provide our customers with safe travel while keeping our environment clean.

With our motto of “Michigan made,” we provide our customers with some of the best Michigan-made products while supporting our local Michigan vendors. Even our name, Beacon & Bridge, hopes to bring to mind the state of Michigan, referring to the vast number of lighthouses around the state and, of course, our crown jewel: the Mackinac Bridge.

With our great state in mind, we will always continue to grow and support our local businesses by providing only the best Michigan-made products and fuel to our wonderful customers. At Beacon & Bridge, we put our state and customers first!