Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located?
We have 23 locations throughout the state of Michigan. Click here to find the location near you!

What are your business hours of operation?
Most stores are open 24 hours but for detailed hours click here.

I am a Michigan company and want to sell products in your stores, who should I contact?
You would want to talk with our merchandiser by emailing

Do you sell alcohol?
You will find most major brands of beer along with wine at all of our locations. You can find liquor at the following locations: Reese, Ithaca, Big rapids, Cadillac, Frederic and Goodrich.

How would I apply for a job at one of your locations?
We list our open positions on our website and you can apply here.

How do you determine your gas prices?
The biggest factors in determining gas prices is fuel type, delivery method, length of contract and volume purchased. Retail fuel prices are also affected by crude oil costs, refining costs and distribution and marketing.

What has the biggest impact on gas prices?
Crude oil costs are responsible for about two-thirds of the cost of gasoline. In 2012, crude oil costs were 66% of the retail price of gasoline.

Why do gas prices go up and down so much?
Gasoline is a commodity, and its wholesale price can have wild swings. It’s not unusual to see wholesale price swings of 10 cents or more in a given day. Competing retailers in a given area may have very different wholesale prices based on when they purchased their fuel.

Who sells America’s fuel?
A big misconception is that fuel is often sold by major oil companies. There are 123,289 convenience stores selling fuel in the United States, and these retailers sell an estimated 80 percent of all the fuel purchased in the country. Overall, more than 58% of the convenience stores selling fuel are single-store operators.

Still have questions?  Click here to send us an email.